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تويك لحمامات السباحة
  • Toec specializes in landscaping and garden services, as the company offers multiple and varied options to transform any outdoor space into an attractive and beautiful.

  • Toec's services include designing and implementing gardens, waterfalls and water ponds, installing fountains, outdoor lighting, and installing artificial grasses, natural plants, and ornamental trees.

  • The company provides its services to clients in industrial, commercial and residential spaces. Toec guarantees its customers high quality results at reasonable and competitive prices.

أعمال اللاند سكيب

Hardscape works

Stamped concrete

  • Toec is considered one of the leading companies in the stamped concrete industry in Egypt, because it has good and efficient experience in this field, which made the company a pioneer in this field.

  • The company provides a wide range of services related to stamped concrete such as design, installation, maintenance and repair. The company is characterized by high quality and modern technology in manufacturing stamped concrete.

  • Toec uses the latest technologies and products in the stamped concrete industry, focusing on design, quality and durability. Toec stamped concrete is characterized by its resistance to abrasion and shrinkage, and is a great choice for any construction project that needs an aesthetic and elegant appearance at the same time.

  • In general, Toec plays an important role in improving the quality and performance of stamped concrete, and has a very good reputation in this field.

تويك لحمامات السباحة

Epoxy floors

  • Toec uses the latest technical technologies to ensure the quality of products and to meet the needs of the customers in Egypt. The company offers a wide range of ready-made and customized epoxy solutions for hard polymer floors, which include various types, sizes and colors, in addition to port floors, external sidewalks, ceilings, fire alarm systems, paving public facilities with exceptional technologies, and all different infrastructures. The company cooperates with many governmental and private sectors around the world, and meets their needs with its high-quality products.

أعمال الهارد سكيب
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